BitcoinBitcoin: $27,137.00(-3.6%)
EthereumEthereum: $1,712.08(-3.92%)
TetherTether: $1.00(-0.19%)
BNBBNB: $308.72(-6.33%)
USD CoinUSD Coin: $1.00(-0.21%)
XRPXRP: $0.4789(5.6%)
CardanoCardano: $0.3446(-3.75%)
DogecoinDogecoin: $0.0731(-2.38%)
Lido Staked EtherLido Staked Ether: $1,661.79(-6.47%)
PolygonPolygon: $1.04(-6.3%)
BitcoinBitcoin: $27,137.00(-3.6%)
EthereumEthereum: $1,712.08(-3.92%)
TetherTether: $1.00(-0.19%)
BNBBNB: $308.72(-6.33%)
USD CoinUSD Coin: $1.00(-0.21%)
XRPXRP: $0.4789(5.6%)
CardanoCardano: $0.3446(-3.75%)
DogecoinDogecoin: $0.0731(-2.38%)
Lido Staked EtherLido Staked Ether: $1,661.79(-6.47%)
PolygonPolygon: $1.04(-6.3%)

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(Last updated: 1 January 2023)
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